Case Biography

Attorney Horne has a history of successful advocacy on behalf of her clientele. Following is a select list of some of our many successful cases.


Employment Verdicts and Settlements

v. Randstad Professionals US, LP, et al, #12-01581, W.D.PA (12/13).  Retaliation, sexual harassment and wrongful discharge claims arising from the termination of a contract employee after she complained of sexual harassment.  Case Settled.

v. Magee Womens Hospital, et al, GD 05-010893, C.P. Allegheny County (11/08). Whistleblower and defamation complaint by a secretary who claimed discharge in retaliation for reporting unethical and unsafe practices. Settled during jury trial. Case was reported on by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. The last article published at:

 v. Emergency Medicine Association of Pittsburgh, et al, 2005 WL 2304995 (W.D.PA. 2005). Equal Pay Act, Title VII, Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law and other claims related to unfair compensation of Emergency Medicine physician resulted in settlement with the defendant employer.

v. Harborcreek Youth Services, Inc., #12152-06 C.P. Erie County (8/07). Claims for wrongful discharge and violation of the whistleblower law. Settled.

v. AON Corp., et al, GD 02-19679, C.P. Allegheny County (2/04). Wrongful discharge, whistleblower and defamation claims for  termination of benefits representative to school district. Verdict for Plaintiff on defamation count; other claims settled.

v.  Burger and McGuffey School District, #02-0521, W.D.PA (3/03). Sexual harassment and retaliation claims brought by school administrator against school superintendent. Settled.

v. City of Pittsburgh School District, et al, #00-557, W.D.PA (8/02). Sexual harassment and retaliation by school employee against supervisor.  Settled during trial.

M.D. v. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, et al, 2000 U.S. Dis. Lexis 3156 (W.D.PA., 2002). Claims included violation of Family and Medical Leave Act in termination of a physician/medical director. Settled after both Federal and State Court proceedings. Case reported at 2000 U.S.Dist.LEXIS 3156.

v. Printcafe Systems, Inc., GD 00-16940 C.P.Allegheny County and #02-0279 W.D.PA,  (4/02). PA Wage Payment and Collection Act, breach of contract and age discrimination claim by management employee. Settled.

v. Pinkerton Inc., #01-0365, W.D.PA (6/02). ADA complaint. Settled.

v. Bill Few Associates, Inc., #01-391, W.D.PA (6/02). ADA, sex discrimination and retaliation claim brought by a former vice president of broker/dealer agency. Settlement reached without trial.

 M.D. v. UPMC HS, GD 99-16723, C.P. Allegheny County (5/01). Breach of contract and claims of intentional harm in termination of  physician. Jury verdict for Plaintiff.

v. Pannier, 704 A.2d 1129 (Pa. Super. 1997), appeal denied, 555 Pa. 721 (1998). Claim for wrongful use of civil proceedings and intentional interference with prospective contractual relations filed by a former salesman. Jury verdict for plaintiff.

v. Season-All Industries, Inc., Specialty Window Erectors, Inc., t/d/b/a American Mirror & Glass Company, GD 91-00978, C.P. Allegheny County (11/92). PA Wage Payment and Collection Law suit for commissions due a salesman. The defense included breach of trust and loyalty by the salesman and allegations by a subcontractor that the Plaintiff had misused his position for personal financial gain. Jury verdict for Plaintiff.

v. Sears, W.D.PA. (6/95). Age discrimination and ERISA claims following employment termination of mid-level manager as part of business reorganization. Summary judgment reversed by the Third Circuit. Jury and nonjury proceedings.

Securities and Investment Verdicts and Settlements

v. Investors Capital Corporation; Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC; and Patricia S. Miller, FINRA 14-03169 (6/16).  Securities fraud/Ponzi scheme and negligent oversight and management of  investment advisor by supervising firms.  Case settled with Investors Capital Corporation.  Arbitration award of $320,493.25 against Janney Montgomery Scott included treble damages, attorney’s fees and costs.

v. WRP Investments, Inc. et al, FINRA 11-01011 (8/12). Securities fraud and negligent account oversight where representative falsified account value. Arbitration award of $410,000.

v. BNY Capital Markets, LLC, FINRA 10-02363 (6/11). Wrongful discharge and defamation claims brought by 3 former employees asserting BNY knew and approved of their trading activities to assist a customer in repurchasing its own Auction Rate securities. Arbitration award of $1.5 Million.

v. AmeriServ Trust and Financial Services Co. et al, GD 2009-5047, C.P. Cambria County (12/10). Wrongful discharge claim arising from the termination of a managerial-level employee for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements. Case settled.

v. Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC, et al, GD 05-29696, C.P. Allegheny County (4/08). Securities fraud, violations of Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Law, and related claims for misappropriation of investor funds. Case settled.

v. Silveira, Executive Brokerage Services, Inc., and US Investors Group, Inc., GD-02-004496, C.P. Allegheny County (9/05). Claim against insurance brokers for inappropriate investments in Viaticals alleged to be an elaborate Ponzi scheme. Settled.

v. UBS Paine Webber, Inc., NASD #03-04740 (7/05). Transferring firm failed to properly and timely effectuate transfer orders and loss resulted. NASD arbitration award.

v. Merrill Lynch, et al, NASD #03-05301 (9/04) Unsuitable and inappropriate securities transactions contrary to investment objectives and qualifications. Case settled.

v. Morgan Stanley DW Inc., NASD-DR #03-02796 (9/04). NASD claim arising out of handling of investment account. Settlement through mediation.

v. Emmett A. Larkin Co., Inc, et al, NASD #02-05736 (11/03). Unsuitable and inappropriate securities transactions contrary to investment objectives and qualifications of Claimants. Arbitration award including attorney fees.

v. New England Securities, GD 02-6379 C.P. Allegheny County (6/03). Unsuitable investments for elderly claimant. Settled through mediation.

v. David Martin et al, NASD-DR #01-06410 (6/03). Unsuitable and inappropriate securities transactions contrary to investment objectives and qualifications of the Claimants. Settlement reached through mediation.

v. Verrone, et al and National Planning Corporation, #2000-446 C.P. Cambria County (6/01). Securities fraud in the sale of an investment that was effectively a form of “Ponzi” scheme. Case settled.

v. Shearson Lehman Brothers, Inc, National Association of Securities Dealers, NASD #91-00858, and Rodgers v. Joseph T. Senko Associates, et al, GD 91-09904, C.P. Allegheny County (1991 & 1993). Companion cases against a brokerage firm (NASD arbitration) and an accountant (state court lawsuit) related to investments made by the broker and the failure of the accountant to review and provide appropriate advice. NASD award and state court settlement against accountant.

 Successes in General Litigation

v. Port Authority of Allegheny Co., et al, GD 10-2174, C.P. Allegheny County (5/12). Personal injury suit on behalf of passengers injured when their Port Authority bus was struck. Settled at mediation.

v. Clearview Project Services Co., AR 03-3077 C.P. Allegheny County (6/05). Damages resulted from Defendant’s failure to comply with the terms of its contract in the performance of remodel work to Plaintiff’s residence, which failure resulted in water damage and discovery of construction inconsistent with design. Settled during trial.

v. Jones Motor Co., GD 03-010039, C.P. Allegheny County (9/04). Wrongful death of a husband and father of minor children.  Suit also filed in Louisiana where the accident occurred. Multi-million dollar settlement.

v. Raymond I. Revels, et al, GD 02-11535, C.P. Allegheny County (3/04). Personal injury suit as a result of an automobile/truck collision. Settled.

v. Pennsylvania Property and Casualty Guarantee Assoc., et al, GD 98-14521, C.P. Allegheny County (11/00). Plaintiff’s property damaged by a landslide after defective grading work. Breach of contract and bad faith claim against successor insurance company which had gone into liquidation. Settled.

v. Butler Manufacturing Co et al, GD 94-15139, C.P. Allegheny County (4/98). Product liability case for injuries from a faulty ladder on a tractor trailer. Settled after jury trial.

v. Rohoza, C.P. Beaver County (3/98). Adverse possession asserted in defense of a real property ejectment proceeding and including claims of tacking. Settled during trial.

v. T. Y. Yoo, C.P. Clearfield County (2/98). Medical malpractice claim based on a theory of lack of informed consent resulted in a jury verdict for Plaintiff. (Court observed it was only the second medical malpractice verdict in favor of a plaintiff in that county in the prior 25 years).

v. Lennox, C.P. Allegheny County (5/97). Product liability, negligence and design defect action causing neuro-psychiatric injuries to a husband, wife, and minor daughter as a result of low level carbon monoxide exposure following a faulty furnace installation. Settled with installer; two-week trial and verdict against manufacturer.

v. General Electric Company, GD 92-15663, C.P. Allegheny County (1995). This personal injury case resulted in a verdict of $940,000.00 (before pre-judgment interest) to a journeyman plumber injured in a fall from a loading dock roof.

v. Honeywell, Inc., 411 Pa. Super. 166, 601 A2d 292 (1991) alloc. denied., 603 A.2d 27, cert. denied, 113 S.Ct. 199. Case tried to verdict on intentional interference  with contract. Verdict for Plaintiff, including $400,000 in punitive damages. Certiorari denied by United States Supreme Court. Judgment recovered.

 v. Criscella Construction Corp., et al., GD 87-19859 C.P. Allegheny County. A verdict of over $900,000 was obtained in this contract claim arising from construction damage to business property. More than $500,000 of the award represented future lost profits. Judgment with prejudgment interest recovered.