Woman sues Uniontown trucking company

By Herald Standard

Published by the Herald Standard on August 8, 2012

A West Virginia woman sued a Uniontown trucking company Wednesday, alleging that when she reported sexual harassment on the job, she was fired.

The woman alleged that after she complained to her supervisor that a male subordinate at Acme Truck Line, Inc. was harassing her, she was demoted, and ultimately fired.

The trucking company was the lone defendant named in the suit, filed in federal court in Pittsburgh.

In July 2011, the woman who has 36 years in the trucking industry, was hired to work as the company’s business development manager, according to the suit filed by attorney Vicki Kuftic Horne.

Acme hired her from their biggest competitor to help the company grow through the Marcellus shale development in the area.  The suit indicated that the woman immediately helped the company grow when she brought business with her because of her experience in the trucking industry.

During the three-month course of her employment, she supervised a man who was not named as a defendant in the suit.  The filing alleged that man “used his size and violent personality to intimidate those in the workplace, specifically targeting women.”

The filing alleged the man downloaded a photograph of her and used it as a screensaver on his computer, and refused to remove it when she asked, and also sent her text messages about her appearance, commented on her clothing in person and winked at her.

She alleged the man was living at the office, had a habit of drinking at work and was verbally abusive to staff there.